What a weekend!

"Celebrity Jeapardy" won $500 in JACK costume contest.

First I have to admit that I totally spaced on Halloween Candy on Saturday. Every year I buy 4 or 5 bags of candy for no one to show up to, but in getting ready for JACK's Halloween Bash, I completely blanked on getting candy. Of course, just before I leave!15 kids are banging at my door wanting candy (yep, I was looking pretty dumb with a finger and thumb in shape of an L on my forehead).

Anyhow, Friday was pretty cool. I got to meet a lot of you at Opry Mills at our Bloodstock event. Plus we hit our goal of 100 pints of blood thanks to your help.

Then Saturday we had a crazy time at the Wildhorse for JACK's 3rd annual Bash. Thanks to all who participated in our costume contest. We had over 100 people in it. It got a little crazy trying to keep it organized, but in the end the big winners were "Celebrity Jeopardy." Look around this website for more pics of Bloodstock and JACK's Halloween Bash.