WTH are these Halloween Decorations

Well, Trick or Treat & smell my feet, it’s Halloween.  All the Candy, Costumes, Parties, Haunted Houses, make this one killer holiday.  Here’s my two cents on stuff about All Hallows Eve and to class it up I’m calling it my “7 blogs of Halloween”.

Most Halloween decorations are awesome, most.  Who doesn’t love putting up a scary scene in the front yard for the Trick or Treaters to tip-toe through; it’s all a part of the fun.  Still, after wasting some time on the web, I found a few decorations and such that make me say WTH!  


Wait...what kind of lights are those? 

A Skeleton Horn?  WTH is this?   How is this used on Halloween?  Dies it attrack or ward off evel skeleton spirits when you use it?

This is a Crystal Fortunes Fortune Teller for Boys and Girls.  Either way, there are only 12 future scenarios that await you. 

OK, I really don't know what this is or it's used for, but it's kind of gives me the creeps. 

A Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture kit.  Wow.  Now you can have little heads hanging all over the house.

These weird faced Candy Pails would keep me out of your candy.  Stop staring at me!

Tie-A-Witch Tree Decoration.  Are we back in the 1800's? By the way, the Witch Dunking Stool is sold separately.  Oh, and it glows in the dark too, cool.

Great, now I'm going to have nightmare's about this Grounding Kids for Halloween decoration for years...

I dunno, but this seems like a fire harard...

No.  Please stop doing this.

A retirement home isn't the best place to display your sweet Halloween Graveyard Scene you worked on all summer.

This one's pretty gross, but I like it.  Happy Halloween!



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