Yoga, anyone?

For the 3 years I’ve attended Bonnaroo, I’ve never woken up and did yoga in the morning by the Solar Stage.  Lately, I’ve been wanting to "turn over a new leaf' (I still don’t get that phrase), and the fact that the porta john pump truck drove by the RV around 7am this morning and woke me up.   So, off to the solar stage I went.

You should know first that during the whole trip, as soon as that sun rose over the trees it was hot!  I mean all kinds of HOT!  With the heat helping me crack a sweat before the first "Namaste" (whatever that means) was ever whispered, I was ready for morning Yoga at Bonnaroo.

Here’s how it went...

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It is a greeting (a hello or a goodbye) - meaning "I bow to you". Yoga is very beneficial to your health. If you have sinus problems, skin problems, pretty much any problem that has your body whacked out - it will fix it. You'll have a more intense sex life too.