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4th of July's over, now what?

That is the sexiest thing I've ever put on a blog

Yep, it took me about a week to realize that the 4th of July is pretty much the last holiday until Halloween.  (Sorry, I don’t count Labor Day.  How fun can a holiday be with the word 'labor'?) So, while goofin’ off on-lin

Awesomely Bad Song Lyric of the Day

Awesomely Bad Song Lyric of the Day

Yep, it’s been a while since I featured a song for the Awesomely Bad Lyrics, but I had to change after hearing this song the other day on JACK-fm.  This song’s guitar riffs are still pretty sweet to this day, but there’s definitely an absence of brain smarts when it comes to the lyrics.  From 1984’s Out of the Cellar Album, here is...

Random Celeb Sightings

Me & Bootsy

"Man, it’s a little weird to be walking down on of the sandy roads of Bonnaroo, and there’s Robert Plant walking towards the Mumford and Sons show” said Cindy of Murfreesboro.  Cindy was walking to the Bonnaroo Post Office to drop off some mail when she spotted the Legendary member of Led Zeppelin.

Dusty Grooves

Juuuust a little dusty...

I'm sure when we get back a look at all the pictures of Bonnaroo 2011, there might be a lot of cowboys or outlaws in them.  No, there wasn’t anyone robbing the train of all its gold here, it was attendees and Bonnnaroo workers wearing bandanas.  Even after the countless times reading over the What to Bring section of Bonnaroo website, I still forgot to get a bandana

Yoga, anyone?

For the 3 years I’ve attended Bonnaroo, I’ve never woken up and did yoga in the morning by the Solar Stage.  Lately, I’ve been wanting to "turn over a new leaf' (I still don’t get that phrase), and the fact that the porta john pump truck drove by the RV around 7am this morning and woke me up.   So, off to the solar stage I went.

OMG! Look Up in the Sky!

I couldn't get a good picture of this event, so here's a picture of a couople of bonnaroo'ers i met just ater the event.

OK, we’re were just chillin’ for a moment at the camper before we head to the Arcade Fire show.  I still can remember what we were all talking about when Tina (JACK’s Head of Promotions) yelled, “OH MY GOD, PIXIE DUST!”

One Tall Drink of Water

One Tall Drink of Water

While getting pictures, recording videos, writing blogs, I hadn’t had a chance yet to see anyone perform at the festival till Friday afternoon.  So, for my first concert of Bonnaroo 2011 was...Grace Potter & the Nocturnals.  This little band from Vermont rocks!  Not just because Grace Potter is, as my astute brot

Nice Mustachio, Dude

He's in it to win it baby

If there was a Bonnaroo bingo card floating around, we might have shouted BINGO a few times already.  Besides the 100+ acts over the entire festival, the people watchin’ is the best.  Folks, all over the grounds are her to have fun and to let loose and sometimes they let their personality out in what they wear...

Show us your TAT!

Now, THAT's a trap stamp!

OK, after being at Bonnaroo for the last three years in a row, one would think they’ve done it all.  Nope.  Yesterday was a great day here in Manchester, and it brought a few more new experiences to knock off the bucket list, for sure.  

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