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Bonnaroo bound...almost.

Wow, do I need a tan.

Before we head out to Manchester, TN this afternoon, we have to "spread the word" to the people.  So, after 5-12 times hitting the snooze bar & waking up in an anticipated panic that I overslept, we set off the studios of FOX 17 to talk with Kelly, John, Craig and t

3 days 'till Bonnaroo

3 days 'till Bonnaroo

Holy Mother of “you know what” it’s HOT!  Just in time for the 10th Anniversary of the 4 day music fest in the fields of Manchester, TN.  Bonnaroo is back, baby!  This year I’m grabbing 3 JACK staff members to go with me to cover the event.

Moose's Song of da Week

Moose's Song of da Week

As JACK’s assistant manager, I declare that the following song is and forever will be known as the Song of da Week.  Well, at least until I find another rightfully deserving song.  And this week’s song is...

My new gift?

60 watts is blinding up close.

Just to let you in on a little secret, when I’m at work...I'm totally rockin’ out!  Usually, ok maybe always, I’m listening to music while I work.  Obviously, I listen to JACK-fm.  But lately I’ve been on a kick to listen to as many

Happy Birthday to us...

Happy Birthday to us...

Happy Birthday to JACK-fm...yesterday.  Yep, we missed it.  With all the Stick-Up craziness going on yesterday, we totally forgot about our birthday.  Who forgets their own birthday?  

Moose's Song of da Week


It's about time!  Finally as JACK-fm’s Assistant Manager I have been given some authority, some power, some stroke around here.  So, as my first act, I'm going to officially name a song of my choosing as the “Song of da Week” for the world!  (OK, maybe just Nashville.) 

Defeat Smells

See!  It really belongs on my desk.

Yes, it’s true…I lost my own College Hoops tournament.  Now, that’s not to say I only started this tournament just to win my own trophy…I didn’t.  Still, it would have been really cool & the "Monster Ballin" trophy already looks at home on my desk too. 

Bucket List #234 = Done!

Denise, Cynthia, Pimp Daddy, Tricia, and Julie

By now you probably know what a bucket list is, but incase you don’t, it’s a list of things you want to do before you bite the dust, take a dirt nap or “kick the bucket."

Anyhow after Friday night I can check off another one.

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