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Awesomely Bad Song Lyric of the Day

Awesomely Bad Song Lyric of the Day

Friday has to be one of the best days of the week!  No, most people don’t have the whole day off, but it’s commonly celebrated as the day that begins the weekend.  Then tell me, why aren’t there more great songs about it?  There are a few (

Moose's $5 Bracket Game

Win this and $5!!

Heck yeah, it's college hoops time.  It seems like every conversation around the radio station includes “March Madness,” and “Did you fill out your brackets yet,” and “Isn’t this illegal?” and “I’m soo sick of those Dick Vitale Hooter’s commercials&hellip

Music 4 Cougars

Music 4 Cougars

In 2009, the band Sugar Ray released an album dedicated to the cougars they love and had loved….but this wasn’t even close to the beginning of the “Musical Cougar Revolution.” 

Rock Band: Presidents

These guys RAWKED!

Happy Presidents Day!  Sure, you might be planning a huge annual party where friends bring Jell-o molds and swap stories about the neighborhood gossip since the last Presidents day.  But, did you know that some of our Preidents actually rocked?  Hell Yes they did.  

What Song Was That?

What Song Was That?

OK, we just got this phone call on the JACK-fm studio lines from Cindy in Antioch, where she asks…“Hey JACK, what was the song you played just after 12noon.  It sounded fuzzy and had some OO – We – OO’s in it?  Let me know what you find out JACK, thanks.”  Well Cindy, that song was….

Hair Band Lyrics = Romantic Poetry

Look into the eyes of a Master of Love Poetry.

OK, you got the flowers, the heart-shaped box of candy, some slinky under-things (If you’re lucky) and a super nice Valentine’s Day card.  Now, that hard part…what are you going to write in it?  If you’re like me, you’re no Sha

Random thoughts during Superbowl 45

Random thoughts during Superbowl 45

Nope, my predictions were a little off for this year’s Superbowl Champion, but Green Bay rightfully brought the big silvery trophy back to their city, nicknamed “Title-town.”  Since I’m a fan of football, I truly enjoyed the game…it wasn’t too bad, but the halftim

Are you from Tennessee?

Not a sex symbol.

Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.) is almost here.  (It’s the Anti-Valentines Day for single people)  You might be surprised to find out that I’m not what you’d call a smooth operator, or a ladies man.

Nashville Idols on Parade

Can you see the next American Idol?  I Can.

Finally, American Idol came back to Nashville.

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