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What Song Was That?

What Song Was That?

Almost everyday JACK-fm gets a call or three asking “What Song Was That?”  So, as assistant manager I’m here to help.  Today’s song in question played on JACK just before 1pm.

Black Betty by Ram Jam

Dead in Nashville

Sorry, didn't have time to photshop the word Nashville on this tombstone I lifted off the web.

"What ever happened to...." is a question that pops up all the time and it got me thinking to some of the neater things we have lost in Nashville.  So, to finish out my month long Blogs of Halloween Junk, here's a few things that are/aren't sadly missed.  If I forgot anything, go ahead and comment abou

Top 67 Halloween Tunes

Top 67 Halloween Tunes

So, the other day I was thinking about making the “ultimate collection” of tunes for Halloween.

TV's Bestest Halloween Episodes

JACK's Halloween T-shirt.  Pretty Rad huh?

Finally, it’s Halloween week at JACK-fm, and they have me pretty busy around the station folding our new Halloween T-shirts, ironing costumes and so fourth.  Since I’m going to be slammed with work, over the weekend I remembered to set my DVR to record all the sweet Halloween episodes coming out this week.&nbs

How to Make a Custom Tombstone

How to Make a Custom Tombstone

Here’s something to waste time on this Halloween.  Make yourself your our own customized tombstone.  You know, those things you can buy in the store for 10 or so bucks that usually get a boot kicked through it by the end of the hallowed season.&n

Lazy Halloween Costumes

OMG!  It's the Black-Eyed Peas!

Look, Halloween is a little over a week a way and not everyone can be all prepared and stuff for JACK’s Halloween Parties.   So, if you’re lazy like I am, or if you are a major procrastinator (Me too!), here are a few costume ideas you can do at the last minute and still impress your friends.  Well,

Boo, did I scare ya?

Hey, this looks like a nice place to stay for the night.

So, where can you go to pay someone to scare the bejesus out of ya?  Tah-Dah, I can now answer that question for you.  After hitting up the Nashville Halloween Guide to find out where some of Nashville's Best Haunted Attractions were, I checked them out and gave them a little review.  Hopefully, this will tot

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