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Boo, did I scare ya?

Hey, this looks like a nice place to stay for the night.

So, where can you go to pay someone to scare the bejesus out of ya?  Tah-Dah, I can now answer that question for you.  After hitting up the Nashville Halloween Guide to find out where some of Nashville's Best Haunted Attractions were, I checked them out and gave them a little review.  Hopefully, this will tot

The Creepiest Creepy Rock Stars

The Creepiest Creepy Rock Stars

Since Halloween week is near, and I had some time to kill around the radio station, I went ahead and put together a small list of the creepiest folks that sing songs and play instruments.  Comment below if I missed any.  Enjoy.

Dead Moose Walking

"You've got red on you"

A bunch of Horror Movie Trailers in a row

Hands down, the scariest movie of all time!

For the most part, every possible scenario of a scary movie has been done.  Mostly.  Still, there’s a good reason to see a scary movie this month.  You know, with Halloween looming and all?

Top 13 Cheesy 80's Horror Movies

He's a Dirty White Boy, a Dirty White Boy

Welcome to October.  (Not Rocktober like stupid DJ’s wanna call it)  JACK-fm does has a few Halloweenie type things planned this month, but since we are “kicking it all off” with a Totally 80’s Weekend.

Top 5 Yearly 80's Happenings

I sooo want that A-Team van...

Yes, another Totally 80’s weekend is near (Friday, Oct 1 @ Noon), and since we’re featuring the decade every hour by year, I came up with a list of the Top 5 things that happened each year of the “Me Generation”.  See if you

Imaginary Football Trash Talk

My Actual Fantasy Football Team Logo.  Pretty Sweet Huh?

This week in the inner office Fantasy Football League (Appropriately called the Nashville Football League) here at 96.3 JACK-fm, I have the distinct honor of facing and defeating JACK-fm’s own self-proclaimed illusory football guru, Mean Johnny Greene.  I didn’t think it would happen this quickly.  St

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