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I've been framed!

Exhibit A.

First off, I am probably the easiest person to question.  And my boss takes complete advantage of it.  His latest prank, he took the Neon Pink Tire Caps from Jenn B’s (our web mistress) car and swapped them with mine.

Waffles Anyone?

Sweet new kicks huh?

Sometimes I wonder what people were thinking when making certain holidays on the calendar, until this week.  The first week of September is National Waffle Week!  So, before it’s officially over I thought I’d give a little love to the worlds greatest breakfast food…..The Waffle, and all of i

Make Believe Football is Awesome

Mean Johnny Greene urges you to "Live the Fantasy"......Whatever!

OK, it’s that time of the year when football fanatics get together for a ritual that can only be described as "the immature enjoyment of the best game on earth” or simply “Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.”  It’s Fantasy Football time!

Today's Movie Quote

Oh, yeah...Don't Try this at home.

And now Today's Movie Quote...

Top 13 Back 2 SKool Songs

Oh yes it does!

If Schoolhouse Rock taught us anything (besides Conjuntion Junction, Interjections & Unpacking our Adjectives)  It’s all about the

Happy Birthday Madonna

Happy 52nd Madonna

The Original Material Girl turns 52 today.  Yep, she’s 52.  So, what do you get a buffed out cougar that has simply done everything?  (And possibly everyone???)

28 years of Fast Times

28 years of Fast Times

On this day in 1982, Fast Times at Ridgemont High debuted on the big screen.

What Song Was That?

Our House - Madness

Tom People Watching Petty

"Rock 'n Roll Baby"

Look, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers always put on a great show.  (I so wish I was going to be there on the 12th at Bridgestone Arena) But it seems like every time I go see the Tominator, he

I want a Roller Girl girlfriend

Nashville Roller Girl Jennifer Smith stopped by during one of the Moose Meets Every Listener Tour stops.

Yep, I don’t care which one?  They’re all sooo bad ass.  Think about it, the next time you’re out enjoying a tasty meal somewhere (Let’s say a tangy BBQ), and some dude starts messing with you and your Roller Girl date.  She could totally kick their butt!  Anytime she wanted to?  Well, call me crazy but that’s awesome.

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