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Which Stage What Stage or is it That Other Stage

Playing this instrument made me dizzy ...

Just hiked it back to the JACK-fm camper of love, peace, and I think at 8:30 – Beer Pong! While inside Centeroo (the center of Bonnaroo) we got to know a few of the nearly 80 some odd thousand of people here in Manchester, TN. Give me a few and I’ll let you see it on

Losing at Corn Hole Sucks

The first of 2 cars stuck in the mud in front of our RV

So, after getting up, and skipping out on the hour wait for the shower, and the help of a lot of deodorant....I think I’m ready for day two of Bonnaroo.

The music has begun

With at quick announcement from the director of Bonnaroo on That Stage, The Postelles kick off the music for the next four days.  Check out the video of it below.  Later tonight The xx, Wale, and Lotus will finish off the fi

Stuck in the Mud

We're out of the mud (sorta) and getting set up....

Wouldn’t you know it, we finally get to our camp area and as we pull in…we get stuck!  Just my luck right?!  Anyhow….  Just a couple hours till The Entrance Band gets this whole thing called Bonnaroo going.  Oh, and did I mention, it’s HOT! 

There ain’t no party like a Wal-Mart Party…

Nice sideburns!

After being a rookie last year at the whole Bonnaroo experience, I saw this video of a huge parking lot party at the Manchester Wal-Mart after I got back.  Well, the rumors were true.  As I write this at 3:15am, we've met people from Seattle to Maine, Houston

Leaving for Bonnaroo tonight

Leaving for Bonnaroo tonight

Well, the camper is here at the station and I am gearing up to leave for Bonnaroo.  We're actually going to stay in the Manchester Walmart parking lot tonight.  Can't wait to interview some hippies, video tape some bands and show you the whole experience right here at  I'll also be talking about the whole experience on the air starting tomorrow morning

Are you going to ride the Ferris Wheel?

Are you going to ride the Ferris Wheel?

OK, with less than 48 hours ‘til the opening of Bonnaroo, I had a friend ask me this morning, “Hey Moose, you gonna ride the Ferris Wheel?”  One can only think, with a question like that, that he must have been informed recently that there was one on the festival grounds.   And not to give this person too mu

3 Days 'til Bonnaroo

Just gathering some of the equipment for this weekend.

Yep, we are pretty stoked around here for Bonnaroo.  I know I’ve been a little quiet lately on this blog, but we have been getting our righteous junk together for the 4 days of 130+ acts, nearly 80,000 people, rows and rows of port-a-potties, and according to the early forecast….HEAT!

Oil spill - Nashville perspective

As some of you may know, I drive a really big Ice Cream truck for JACK-fm sometimes, and it uses a LOT of oil… So, I’ve naturally been following the affects of April 20th’s Deepwater Horizon explosion and environmental catastrophe. Some news reports estimate as much as 1-million gallons of oil have been leaking from the broken well EVERY DAY, with no end in sight.

R.I.P. Gary Coleman


Yep, sorry to tell you this, but the rumors are true, 80’s sitcom icon Gary Coleman has died.  He was 42. 

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