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Delivering Donuts

Teresa Isabell - this week's Mundane Monday Winner

Early this morning, we hit the road in the JACK-fm truck (The boring one, Not the Ice Cream Truck) and headed to MTSU. Teresa Isbell, who works with the grounds crew for the college, was this morning’s Mundane Monday winner.

We did some Noshin

Catherine, Denise, Jonna & Stephanie

As in Noshville Deli. Today I got to buy a few JACK-fm listeners lunch at Noshville Deli. They were some hard working ladies at the HCA, Jonna, our winner and her friends Stephanie, Catherine, and Denise. Yep, I totally looked like the ladies man with them flanking me in the first booth at Noshville. Thanks again ladies for a fun lunch!

Myspace is dead!

Is MySpace dead?

Well, I guess so….depending on whom you talk to. (Oh, the following will have a lot of Geek Speak in it.

Happy Birthday Chuck Norris

..'nuff said.

There’s no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. There is only another fist.

R.I.P. Corey Haim

He was 38.

Man, this was kinda a bummer this morning, huh? Waking up and find out that Corey Haim had passed. In the '80s, Corey was known as one of those teen idol guys. All my girlfriends had posters of him on their walls (Yes, I had non-imaginary girlfriends).

Moose Vs Magic 8 Ball

I totally kicked it's butt.

All right, let's see how I did against the Magic 8 Ball Oscar predictions from last week.

Best Picture
Moose pick: Avatar
Magic 8 Ball Says: Outlook Not So Good
Winner: Magic 8 Ball

Best Supporting Actor
Moose pick: Christoph Waltz – Inglorious Basterds
Magic 8 Ball Says: Concentrate & Ask Again

Magic 8 Ball Oscar Predictions

My Oscar & 8 Ball hanging out in JACK-fm Studios

Yo, this Sunday night is the big Oscar Celebration in Hollyweird, so I thought I’d waste about 30 minutes of company time to make some truly bold Oscar predictions. And to make it interesting I grabbed the Magic 8 Ball off my desk and challenged it with my picks. Comment below if you have any picks. Enjoy.

Moose Vs Magic 8 Ball

Dont Freak Out

"Hey, remember me?  I'm the Sun."

That huge bright shiny thing in the sky is called, “The Sun”. I know we haven’t seen it in a while, but it’s back today and has a lot of people scared because they don’t remember what it looks like. Just to familiarize ourselves with “The Sun” better, I lifted (Or copy & Patsed) this brief summary from Nasa.Gov.

One Huge Leprechaun

Gettin ready for St Patrick's Day

On St. Patty’s Day (Wednesday, March 17), we are looking to get out in da city. Just went yesterday to Performance Costume to get some stellar Leprechaun gear. My goal, to be Nashville’s Hugest Leprechaun.

OK Go video rules!

All right, you might as well file the latest video from OK Go under A for Awesome. You might remember their treadmill video for their song Here We Go Again.

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