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Dancing with the Stars follow up

Dancing with the Stars follow up

Well, I only got one right on guessing who was going to be on Dacing with the Stars. I was close with a Winter Olympian...but that's about it. O'well, here's who will be on the show that I probably won't see much of. Enjoy!

A guess at the DWTS line up

It's Boogie Time!

OK, tonight they are announcing the line-up of Dancing with the Stars. (Apparently a lot of people watch this show) So, I worked up a list of celebs that I’m guessing that might be on the show. (Crossing Fingers)

WeinerMobile spotted in Nashville

Sweet ride huh?

MMMmmmondays are Awesome! Well, they are if you saw the Oscar Meyer WeinerMobile on your way to work this morning. This is not an actual picture I took, (Sometimes it’s not safe to take pictures and drive at the same time) but I did see it this morning right next to Shoney’s near LP Field.

Clapton Nashville Connection

Eric Clapton's "Blackie" guitar

With Eric Clapton and Rodger Daltrey playing the Sommet Center this Saturday night, I thought I might do what the cool TV peeps doFind a Nashville Connection. Well after typing Eric Clapton & Nashville in the Google search line, heres what I found out.

Radio contests turn 100!

Be the 9th caller and win a ride on the Wright Brothers Plane!!!!

Yep, you can thank the geniuses in Philadelphia on this day (2/23) back in 1910 for conducting the first ever RADIO CONTEST. Yeppers, I saw it on my calendar that one of the biggest pet peeves on the raydittio happened 100 years ago today.

JACK-fm appearance postponed

JACK-fm appearance postponed

Hey, this afternoon (2/19) between 4-6, JACK-fm and I were scheduled to be at the Independence Street Kroger in Franklin. It has been postponed.

Whats Tiger going to say

OK, so the press conference is over. See what you missed if you want.

Figure Skating Stinks

Oh, and what if they jumped through a ring of fire?

Yep, I have been totally sucked in by the Winter Games in Vancouver. So far there's been one cool event (I can't wait for the skeleton, Yeah!) after another-that is until the other night, when they started showing the figure skating. Yuck! You go from downhill skiing, the luge, snowboarding and cross country skiing with guns-to figure skating. Booooring.

Geez its Valentines Day

sexy no?

Love it or Hate it Valentine's Day is February 14th. I would have forgotten if I didn't get this e-card.

Last nights John Mayer concert

JM and TS

Word is last nights John Mayer's concert was pretty stinkin' good. Kinda bummed now that I didn't go.

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