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Bonnaroo 2010 line-up

Bonnaroo 2010 line-up

Well, over 90 bands (so far) will play in the fields of Manchester, TN.
Here is a complete list of them.

Dave Matthews Band
Kings of Leon
Stevie Wonder
Tenacious D
The Flaming Lips with Stardeath and White Dwarfs perform -Dark Side of the Moon-
The Dead Weather
Damian Marley and Nas
Norah Jones
Michael Franti and Spearhead
John Fogerty
Regina Spektor

Hurry up and wait for Bonnaroo

new fancy 2010 logo

Today was an exciting day in my world because after going to Bonnaroo for the first time last year, I can't wait to go again. The RV is rented, I'm go to go with tickets, and now today at 11am they were to announce the Bonnaroo line-up on their myspace page.

Laptop fall down go boom


I was hoping to update the blog over the weekend, but when I turn my computer on I got this. Bummer huh? Welol, I let the "way smarter than me" department look at it and apparently I cracked my monitor. This is definately going to cut down on my on-line, I mean....all my blogging.


choreography rocks

It's no Ton Loc, or Digital Underground but we did our best to pay tribute to our favorite -Old School- rap for our little video that shamelessly promotes AWESOME Bowl. If you can't tell we had fun putting this together.

Snuggie Movies

Snuggie Movies

Well, with all the snow falling around Nashville or what some are calling "The Situation 2010," I kinda figure you're going to stop at the video store on the way home (if you haven't already) and grab a flick.

So thats what snow looks like

snow pictures are the best

Alright, so it's around 11am on Friday, January 29 and it's finally snowing. The forecasting fella on Channel 2 was right! Yeah him. But now my twitter & facebook accounts are filling up with people taking pictures of the snow.

New JACK video shoot

Getting the next shot on our video shoot at Pla-Mor.

YO! The entire JACK staff was out of the office most of the day today shooting our next video. It's all about AWESOME Bowl. Thanks to the staff and customers at Pla-Mor lanes for letting us come in there and tear up the place.

Winter Weather Alert

pretty cool graphic huh

OK, is this another -here we go again- scenario?

Look Mom! I'm on American Idol!

rock n' roll baby

Check it out, this might not all be true, but play along anyway.

Lookin like a fool with your...

General Larry Pratt workin' the Pants on the Ground

OK, if you have been busy this week, or you are not quite up on the latest happenings, I will fill you in with 4 words!.Pants on the Ground!

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