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Go Bossman it's your Birthday

festive huh

On Wednesday (1/13) it was the bosses birthday. I told him I wouldn't tell how old he is, but I'll give you a hint!.it rhymes with forty. OK, so the typical thing to do for someone turning a certain age is to get them all the black and while -Over The Hill- paraphernalia. Well, we were thinking anybody can do that!so we threw him a little surprise of a different sort.

Apparently this is for realz!

Apparently this is for realz!

I saw this all over the twitter yesterday, "Text -HAITI- to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross relief for Haiti.- Well, it is totally true and apparently they have raised over a million dollars for the relief efforts in Haiti. That is awesome.

Brain Fart for Tuesday!

no you....

Wow, we had a lot of people stop by for last night's ‘Stick-Up' in Murfreesboro. Thanks for stopping by. I even ran into an old high school classmate. Small world eh?

Time again for American Idol auditions

who can't forget the incredible Mary Roach

Hey, just about to head out to JACK Stick-Up #23 in Murfreesboro. Before I go, I was thinking about tomorrow nights American Idol Auditions. Is it me or are they the perfect train wreck to watch? Really,!no one gets hurt (physically), it entertains to no-end, and they are some what funny.

Bored Day Games

Bored Day Games

Why should the kids around here have all the fun? Us grown ups should have fun too right? The roads are frozen, its way too cold, and its Friday!.it all adds up to a 3 day weekend to me. Yep, there's no reason to go to work today!but when you stay home you realize one huge fact!Daytime TV Sucks.

R U ready 4 Snow?

R U ready 4 Snow?

Since the weather dudes are predicting the Nashville area will receive 2 – 4 inches of snow this Thursday, I went online to find any kind of helpful snow preparedness information. This is what I found on a website called

Step 1

....back to work.

...their lips had to be sore.

Yep, back to the work weeks that includes 5 whole days. Seems like in that last month of the year, with all the holidays and such, the work weeks are cut down to 4 sometimes 3 days!.which I have absolutely no complaints for. OK, I haven't been on here since JACK's Totally 80's New Years Eve Bash so I thought I'd catch up. That was one-fun-party.

Y2K was 10 years ago.

sweet shirt huh...

Is that crazy? It was 10 years ago some of us were freaking out over Y2K. Crazy, I tell ya. OK, not to sound old or anything, but where did this decade go? So many huge impactful events and inventions happened over the past 10 years. Like the invention of Twitter, facebook....the iPhone, and stuff. The discovery of trans-fats and other silly things like that.

Check your programs....

football is awesome.

Today at the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl @ LP Field, the Kentucky Wildcats play the Clemson Tigers....but the real story is in the games program. You know, that magazine they sell for the game that has the players/cheerleaders/coaches names and such in it. Well, if you are going to the game look for the JACK-fm advertisement in your Music City Bowl program.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Just wanted to drop a line to say Merry Christmas. Whatever holiday you celebrate, hopefully its way cool.
OK, I'm going to go watch A Christmas Story for the 2nd time, and have a glass of eggnog..


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