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What the heck is this????

Do you know what these are?

On my way to work this morning I saw this.... Weird huh?

Has Steven Tyler ruined Aerosmith?

Dude looks like a lady...

OK, if you haven't heard by now Steven Tyler has quit Aerosmith. Crazy, I know. The last time we had seen or heard from him was this picture from a liquor store in Pembroke, Mass looking like an old lady. Still Joe Perry of Aerosmith is saying that the band will find a new lead singer and get back on the road.

JACKtivities Correction

So uh, what's your sign?

During this morning's JACKtivities I had mentioned that The CMA awards were tonight. Oops, my bad. They are happening tomorrow night at Sommet Center. So, if you have to drive through downtown tomorrow night, watch out for the redneck hubbub on Broadway.

What a weekend!

"Celebrity Jeapardy" won $500 in JACK costume contest.

First I have to admit that I totally spaced on Halloween Candy on Saturday. Every year I buy 4 or 5 bags of candy for no one to show up to, but in getting ready for JACK's Halloween Bash, I completely blanked on getting candy.

Only minutes left!

another satisfied blood giver...

To quote a silly DJ, JACK-fm's Bloodstock 09 is almost "in the History Books." We've met a lot of JACK listeners, and most of them were pretty normal. Crazy I know. (Kidding) Still they all did something we really dig!they gave blood today. So many people have stories of why they give.

Friday Bloody Friday

View from the "broadcast" area during Bloodstock 09

This whole Bloodstock 09 thing is a trip. JACK-fm listeners have been coming out to donate their "life juice" for American Red Cross here all day. Here are some things overheard today!.

1. "I like to get poked!and I liked it!"
2. (singing) "Hot Blooded, Check it and see!.."
3. "These cookies are the best man!.can I take some home?"
4. "This is my first time, is it going to hurt?"

Little time left to roll up your sleeve!

JACK-fm listener Kim and her son Tristen......

We have 80 pints of blood already donated today at Bloodstock 09. Yes, it's not enough blood to fill up the pool out back but it's enough to save many lives here in the Nashville area. That's pretty cool. We have about 20 Bloodstock 09 t-shirts left, so if you want to trade with us, be sure to stop at Opry Mills before 7pm tonight. Gotta run!

Blood for t-shirts!

Heidi just finished getting drained....

Man, today has been pretty cool so far. We've had a lot of listeners (almost all 10 :)) come by and donate their liquid life. We've got a lounge chaser & a JACK Bloodstock t-shirt with your name on it this afternoon. If you have never given blood and you want to see if you actually qualify to give it, stop in and we'll still slide ya some passes to Haunted Nashville.

Do they extract the blood with a knife?

Johnny giving blood at Bloodstock 09.

Here are some myths about giving blood.

1. Does it take 3 hours to give blood? No, about 40 minutes.
2. You can give blood 5 times in one week? Um, No. Once every 56 days.
3. Can give blood even if you had a tattoo? Yes, unless you got your tat today.
4. Can Cowboys give blood? Yep, check out the picture.

We're here till 7pm at Opry Mills next to Barnes and Noble. Talk to ya soon.

Let JACK-fm suck your blood!

Me and JACK-fm listener Kim at Bloodstock 09.

Blah Blah! I vwant yer blood.

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