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Dr. Moose is in!

Doc Moose & Alicia from Nashville.

"I already know I don't want you to stick me," said Dana!.JACK-fm listener & blood donator today at Bloodstock 09. I think she meant that she would rather leave the fancy needle work to the pro's of the American Red Cross. We're here till 7pm at Opry Mills, so if you can donate blood we'd think a lot of nice things about you.

JACK-fm listeners are pretty cool!

John, Alicia, and Mikaela donating blood this morning at Bloodstock

Yo, this morning at Bloodstock 09 with some of the coolest listeners, and they can even stand the sight of their own blood. (They must have super human strength) Still they're here to help the American Red Cross here in Nashville. Blood is needed all the time!so if you can help us out today we'll try to make it worth your while. Free T-shirts to the 1st 100 donations.

Bloodstock 09 is a happening....

View from the "broadcast" area just before kicking off Bloodstock this morning.

Yep, we are here at Opry Mills taking your blood donations. Ok really we are bribing you for your blood. The Nashville chapter of the American Red Cross needs it, so what better way to temp you to give than with a limited edition Bloodstock t-shirt. We are going to be here till 7pm tonight, so we'd love to see ya out here for Bloodstock.

We lick'd it up

Lick it up.....Whooooaaaa Whoooaaa Whooooaa.

Just a quick thanks for all the JACK-fm listeners that came out to the "Lick it Up on Lower Broad" party last night before the KISS/Buckcherry show. There are some pictures up on this website right now, and there will be a video too.

What should I wear?


So, how cool is Halloween? OK, I am a fan of this time of the year for sure, but really think about it!.what other holiday can you can dress up as a Wicked Witch, or a Dastardly Devil at work? (Unless you work at Thomas Nelson or Lifeway!that might be awkward.) Well, this Friday and Saturday we have a couple events coming up where I get to dress up at work.

Aaaahhhhhhh, Lick It Up!

Assistant Manager Simmons

Hey did you see the 'Tongue For Tickets' (above left) on this here JACK website? Basically, sticking your tongue out could win Front Row seats to KISS, and send you backstage to meet Buckcherry. Just take a picture of yourself sticking your tongue out and send it to us.

My bum still hurts

More than a week after riding in the bike to JACK and back bicycle ride, and only making it 8 miles before stopping, my bum still hurts. Not liking the feeling much. It's a very not good feeling. I won't go into details, but it's a non-fun sensation in the bum area.


Bike 2 Jack & Back

Bike 2 Jack & Back

Ok, after getting 3 different people to wake me up this morning at 5:30am, I headed out to meet Nicki and Sean (some of our JACK-fm peeps) at the radio station. Yes, I said 5:30am on a Saturday morning. Anyway, we were asked to meet up with over 1,000 other cyclist at Paige High School to ride this morning for the National MS society.

Swine Flu Defense System

Actual Photo of the Swine Flu Defense System

Just so you know, the JACK-fm studio and programming unit is located in the basement of our building here on Rosedale Ave. On the 2nd floor is where the more "educated" people who work on all the "stuff too complex for me to understand" things for the radio station (For realz).

Vandy Ticket Clue

Vandy Ticket Clue

Today is the last day to win a pair of tickets to see the Vanderbilt Commodores play at Vanderbilt stadium.

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