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Where do my JACK messages go?

Where do my JACK messages go?

Hey, yo. What's happening? The other day I was given a new daily task to do around here. Yep, one step closer to JACK-fm domination. Well, I was also told that I should let people know what kinda "behind the scene" stuff goes around here at JACK-fm. So, here it goes.

What I did on my vacation

So, how in the world would a classy guy like me spend his first vacation since becoming JACK-fm's Assistant Manager? Go-Carting? Fishing? Stomping Grapes? A trip to Maui? A Nashville Sounds Game? Nope, even better. I spent a lot of my holiday goofing off on the internet, of course.

Here's our shiny new home on the worldwide interweb

From Moose,
Well lookie here! A brand new website for JACK-fm. Only 3 years after they promised us. Well, it looks pretty good. I'm told there's all kinds of new stuff on the new site including easier "functionality" (did I spell that right?), more videos, and constantly updated "JACKed Up News".

Going to Holiday World

Tomorrow, I know I'll have to be cleaning my glasses a lot after riding the new "Pilgrim's Plunge" at Holiday World. If you are going, look me up at the park. Just found out I'll be at Absolute Fireworks in LaVernge next Thursday (July 2nd)....doing what I have no idea. Maybe I can get a few fireworks to prank the boss with. Any ideas?


So, apparently the new website will be done on Wednesday (July 1st) of next week. It was suppose to be done a couple of years who knows. Kinda bummed today....learned that Farrah Fawcett died. Yes, I too had "the poster."

Looking forward to HW

...just a couple more days till Holiday World......gitty up!

What'choo got?

What'choo got?

Well, I have quickly found out that when you work for a radio station one of the most asked questions is "Do you got any T-shirts?" Not it's "Are you giving away more Holiday World tickets?" JACK has an official day at Holiday World coming up, and i'm pumped!

Ice Cream

Still haven't found my flashlight, but I did gain an umbrella from the trip. Oh, BTW. Look for a quick video in the videos section from when we took the "Really Big Ice Cream Truck" to Lavernge.



Holy Crap, now within the last hour they (the news people on TV) said Michael Jackson had died. Geez, this day is weird. Check out this on the self-proclaimed "King of Pop."

Still Recovering

Hey, it's day 3 after the whole "Bonnaroo" experience. Let's see...I still can't find my flashlight, I'm on my twelth load of laundry, and I could still go for a 12 hour nap. Beyond not having Air Conditioning or lights in the camper, and running out of ties to wear over the was a great time.

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