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Bonnaroo - Day 4

Well, Bonnaroo is coming to a close. Got the camp site all cleaned up, campers packed, and looking forward to the drive up 24 to Nashville and my own bathroom, with a shower. This trip was pretty cool, and there is no doubt I'll be doing it again next year. Before I jump in the traffic jam home, off to Centeroo for a couple songs from Phish!and a polish hot dog. Later all.

Bonnaroo - Day 3

Bruce rocks.


Bonnaroo - Day 2

Rested, and ready for more here at the "Roo." Hey, got to say a shout out to the neighbors from New Jersey bunking next too us. They feed me last night a delicious cheeseburger. Thanks guys. Beyond having to walk a long ways to the restroom and showers, I might have to make this a yearly thing. Oh, when you get a chance follow us on Twitter too.


Bonnaroo - Day 1

It is a little warm out here..still. We are headed right now to CenteRoo. I'm told that is where all the action is. Then it's off the different stages..maybe "this stage", "that stage" or maybe "the other stage." lie. Check in with you later.




OK, so it took me forever, but the "Cinco" video is now up. Check it out here or check it out on the moose video page. Hey, tomorrow I'll be in Lebanon with JACK for the next stick-up. Get a pair of Holiday World tickets and a beach towel just for letting us put a sticker on your ride. 3pm sharp. Check out the beach towel.

Swine Flu

Get this, today the boss is out sick (He said it wasn't the Swine Flu, Yeah Right). Well, I'm going to play a prank on him when he comes back. Watch for the video. Oh, and I hope you didn't forget Mom's day over the weekend like I did. Anyway, here's something goofy.


Hello, and please keep it down. Last night some of us on the JACK-fm Staff went for a little ride on a FADDS Party Bus around town. We stopped at places like the beer Cellar, Pirana's, 3 Crow Bar (Thank you for finding my Debit Card), Tin Roof, Sams and some I can't remember. Thank you to our fantastic listeners, and now friends that rode along. Thanks to Corona too.

Here's a little secret

Hey JACK website patron,

I wanted to tell you a little secret about what's coming up on JACK-fm. Remember the "30 city in 30 Days" Ice Cream Tour we did late last year. I'm told we are going to do it again during the month of June.

Oh, and I'm putting up another video this week. In the meantime, click this!


Ok, just getting my voice back to somwhat normal. Posting a video from last Thursday today, look for it in the video section. Something cool coming up is the JACK Stick-Up at Pinkerton Park in Franklin. NEW TIME...5pm we'll start giving away tree while supplies last.


Bryant Family Memorial Fund

So, we had a lot of people come by the Malco Theatre on Thursday to donate to the Bryant Family Memorial Fund. Thanks so much. With everyone chipping in we raised over $12,500. If you still want to donate go to The Bryant Family Memorial Fund.

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