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The Moonwalk Is 30

No, I’m not talking about Neil Armstrong’s “O

Won’t U B my Neighbor Day

Today, I’m outta the studio because I’m moving in my new house.   What a coincidence its “Won’t you be my Neighbor Day.”    A bunch of years ago (1927) Fred Rogers was born and before you know it, he was on <a href="http://pb

The Song @ 4:15 Today

The song at 4:15 today is What I Got by Sublime.  This song is great! Though Sublime’s history is short lived, there aren’t necessarily one of those “one hit wonder” bands.  They had two hits!

March Madness Hell


Moose's Pooches

Meet Bandit.  He’s awesome!  He’s not a puppy anymore; he’s 6 ½ years old and tips the scales at 45 pounds.  Who can believe this dog doesn’t already have a home?  If you want a pooch to do nothing but love up on you, Bandit’s your dog.  He well behaived and loves attention.  If you want a best friend, Bandit or maybe one of his buds at <a href="http://www.newleash

Flamboyant Frontman Day

Have you heard, it’s Flamboyant Frontman Day.  Well, it’s really not a "real" holiday…yet.  It seems like it should be though.  Just check out todays Birthday calendar, it really, really should be.  Happy Birthday to all the lead singers on Flamboyant Frontman Day.


Moose's Mixtape - Worst Valentine's Day Songs...Ever

It’s Valentine’s Day.  You know that day set aside to show ya boo some Love.  So, if you were to make a V-Day Mixtape for your Valentine, these will guarantee that you’ll be first in line at the Heart-Breakers Ball next year.  Unless, that what you’re looking for?

Happy Belated Birthday to Abe Lincoln

It’s simple, Lincoln was awesome.  OK, I was all caught up in the Fat Tuesday hype, catching beads, eating King Cake and I missed that is was Abe Lincoln Birthday yesterday.  Actually, I was in a couple of radio meetings, but that sounded way too boring.  

Fat MooseDay

Hey, if you didn't know I lost some weight...about 100 pounds.  So, for Fat Tuesday, it was suggested that I post a bunch of my "huskier" pictures.  Guess someone saw me rooting around the King Cake the other day and got worried. 

Moose's Pooches - Meet Dixie

Meet Dixie, she’s almost a year old. She’s belived to have Mountain Cur/Retriever in her. Dixie is very loving and gentle.  

Want to take Dixie Home?  Do you know someone who does?   Get in touch with the great folks at A New Leash on Life today. 

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