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Moose's Superbowl Prediction

Moose's Superbowl Prediction

Feb 6th, 2011 will be the most watched televised event for the whole year (it's weird how we just hurry up and get it out of the way like that?)  Of course, I’m talking about Superbowl 45.  Dallas’s super epic mega stadium is where it will take place.  You know, the largest stadium in the world with

Great, I guess I'm now a Capricorn?

This only took me 14 minutes on Photoshop

No offense to any Capricorns who read the following, I obviously haven’t met you yet.  But the people that I’ve run into that's a Capricorn are kinda…well, dweebs.  (Wait didn’t my boss just have a birthday?)  Anyway…with this whole changing o

Moose's New Year predictions

Moose's New Year predictions

OK, so it’s 2011.  Now what?  2010 was a pretty awesome year, and who know's what the heck is gonna happen this year.  So, I'll play the role of New Year Clairvoyant and predict a few things for the upcoming year.  I’m pretty confident that all of these will happen.  Happy New Year.

Nashville Roller Girls teach Moose how to skate.

See video

Hi, this is Moose...JACK-fm's Assistant Manager.  The other day I was invited to go meet and skate with the Nashville Roller Girls.  They were so cool!  So, I took my K-mart blue light special in-line skates and headed to their practice facility at the fairgrounds to learn some of the tricks of roller derby.

Leaving for Bonnaroo tonight

Leaving for Bonnaroo tonight

Well, the camper is here at the station and I am gearing up to leave for Bonnaroo.  We're actually going to stay in the Manchester Walmart parking lot tonight.  Can't wait to interview some hippies, video tape some bands and show you the whole experience right here at 963jackfm.com.  I'll also be talking about the whole experience on the air starting tomorrow morning

Oil spill - Nashville perspective

As some of you may know, I drive a really big Ice Cream truck for JACK-fm sometimes, and it uses a LOT of oil… So, I’ve naturally been following the affects of April 20th’s Deepwater Horizon explosion and environmental catastrophe. Some news reports estimate as much as 1-million gallons of oil have been leaking from the broken well EVERY DAY, with no end in sight.

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