Oyster Easter 2013


Oyster Easter was started by a group of Vanderbilt University students the day before Easter in 1962 as a way to celebrate spring. Since 1990, it's been the primary fundraiser for the Community Resource Center, a "lifeline" for middle Tennessee non-profits. Always held the day before Easter, the party includes lots of oysters (naturally) and other delicacies such as Jambalaya, corn on the cob, hush puppies and more. The adventurous can try Oyster Shooters (potent, watch out!).

Blackstone Beer and Barefoot Wine are included in the ticket. (Must be over 21 to attend.)
Live entertainment - Les Kerr's Bayou Band

* Hula Hoop Contest
* Cornhole
* Bring Your Own Chair

The real show is watching our king and queen vie for the coveted title of Oyster King and Oyster Queen. The candidates who collect the most monetary pledges wins. Jello shots? Kissing booth? Anything Goes!

Also Check out these Sponsors that are helping with this Year's Event: HCA Tri Star, Ward Financial Advisory Group, PMC Parking Management Company, Pinnacle Financial Partners, South Street and The Boundray.