Jumpin’ JACK Flash - its Mick’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mick!  Mick was born in England in 1943.  Michael Philip Jagger, AKA, the iconic front man of Hall of Fame rockers, The Rolling Stones.  But, thanks to some free time and Google, I found out that Mick and his lips weren’t the only thing born that year.

Slinky was invented.  Richard James came up with this wonderful toy.  Mom’s everywhere loved it.  All kids needed were a staircase and they’d be entertained for hours. Well, at least until the metal in the slinky got bent.  Then the fun was over.  

Maybe just a huge coincidence, a Swiss chemist by the name of Albert Hofmann discovered the hallucinogenic properties of LSD.  Hmm.  I guess thanks to him for the infuenceing the Stones, and a lot of Rock from the 60s.

And also that year, James Wright invented Silly Putty.  This stuff ruled!  It was awesome to stretch out Beetle Bailey's face after you pulled it off the newspaper comics with this goop.  The only drawback was it left your hands slimy and nasty.   


So, Happy Birthday Mick!  1943 was a good year. 

Gott run, I have to go act like I'm working, again.