Renewal House

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Renewal House welcomes women for services related to alcohol and drug addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.  We recognize that when a woman enters one of our programs, she is reaching out for help, and deserves a supportive and welcoming response.  We take responsibility for assisting each woman by providing an integrated risk assessment and screening to assure safety, and supportive assistance to engage appropriate services.  Renewal House programs provide the opportunity for a continuing relationship that integrates attention to clients' multiple needs in treatment and recovery support and allows appropriate referrals and access to resources during and after services.  The life of each person is precious, and we welcome each woman into sober healthy living that includes recovery from substance use and co-occurring mental disorders.

Renewal House operates under 5 key Values:
Spiritual Connection
Desire for Continuing Development

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If you are interesting in volunteering at Renewal House, click here or contact them by emailing or calling 615-255-5222 ext. 106.

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